Vision for PE and Sport

At Foresters Primary School we love Physical Activity and Sport!
We aim high to provide physical activity throughout the school day. Physical Education plays a vital role in children's development and growth.

Our aim is to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity which will enable our children to make good healthy lifestyle choices and promote life-long participation in sport.

We have invested some of our PE grant with the Sutton School Sport Partnership (SSSP) whose vision is to inspire our young people to achieve their best within sport and physical activity through the provision of high quality PE, leadership, extra-curricular activity and competition. We believe in creating sporting opportunities for all children to experience a variety of sports. At Foresters we aim to participate in as many sporting events as possible.

Every week during the school year our Yoga teacher comes in to do yoga with our Base Classes. Children also have the opportunity to enjoy Boogie Bounce on mini trampolines.

All the children in KS1 and KS2 do the Daily Mile.

Every year we hold a sports day for all key stages, we compete in our school house teams and all the children in KS1 and KS2 experience at least twelve different activities, with EYFS participating in at least 5 different activities.

Throughout the year we have been providing the children with a variety of after school and lunch time clubs such as, Football, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tag Rugby and Fun Exercise.

Our year 6 children have the opportunity to attend training to become Year 6 Leaders and this has had a positive impact on their skills, as well as those they lead. It provides opportunities for children to participate in various games which are run by the leaders at lunchtimes.